SEI READI Regional Development Plan to be unveiled at virtual open house Sept. 28

[Indiana, Southeast]: SEI READI, Inc. announced today, with Thomas P. Miller & Associates (TPMA), it will welcome everyone in Southeast Indiana to the SEI READI Regional Development Plan Virtual Open House on Tuesday, September 28th from 3-4 p.m. EST. Aiming to elevate talent attraction and retention in Southeast Indiana, SEI READI and TPMA encouraged government entities, businesses, residents, and stakeholders to share their ideas for regional improvements last month. The virtual forum will address these submitted projects and discuss regional priorities for an inclusive and cohesive plan for the region.

“This virtual open house provides us with an opportunity to collaborate with not only the key stakeholders, but also the general public. We will provide a high-level overview of what is included in the draft of our READI application. This is a first step in holistic, collaborative, and cohesive planning for the new Southeast Indiana region,” says Lindsay Bloos, Senior Project Consultant at TPMA.

To register for the virtual event and receive login information, please click here.

Considering the goals of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), SEI READI and TPMA are carefully evaluating each submission to determine how projects best align with their framework. Using the guidelines provided by the IEDC, SEI READI and TPMA will determine which projects have the potential to not only support talent attraction and retention, but also have a higher chance of achieving a fundable status.

Following the virtual open house, the final regional plan will be submitted on September 30th. The IEDC will review regional applications from October-November 2021 and the State is expected to finalize their funding decisions in December of 2021.

SEI READI and TPMA have held multiple community workshops, which have provided input and consensus for the regional vision. Data collected in these public workshops have helped shape regional priorities and lend unique perspectives with potential solutions to existing regional challenges. In addition, SEI READI and TPMA have encouraged idea submissions through the SEI READI website. Valuing public opinion, these efforts sought out regional voices in Dearborn, Franklin, Ripley, Ohio, Switzerland, and Union Counties to create a measurable and sustainable impact on the Southeast Indiana region.

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