SEI READI, Inc. is a new non-profit organization formed in 2021 as a partnership among local business, institutions, and local governments in six Southeast Indiana counties to foster economic development and talent attraction in their region. The member counties include Dearborn, Franklin, Ripley, Ohio, Switzerland and Union.

Joining Together: Defining Our Regional Initiative 

Who We Are 

We are cities, towns, and counties working as one. By joining together, we aim to achieve a higher probability of success in obtaining the greatest allocation of state funding possible. We call ourselves the affordable Cincinnati address, as our region has a small town feel with big city amenities. Our conveniently adjacent location to Cincinnati is comprised of great schools, affordable housing, a thriving business community, with safety and a relaxed lifestyle supported in every welcoming corner of Southeast Indiana. 

Who They Are 

READI is a funding opportunity for areas across Indiana. The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) has allocated $500 million in state appropriates to help support strategic investment. In addition, the READI initiative is expected to match local and private sector investment by a ratio of 4:1. 

2021 Activities:

  • Gov. Eric Holcomb and Indiana lawmakers allocated $500 million for the IEDC READI program in the in 2021-2022 state budget with a program focus on strategic investments that will make Indiana a magnet for talent and economic growth.
  • Regions competing for funding had to self-identify by statute. 17 regions formed including all 92 counties.
    • SEI READI region includes Dearborn, Franklin, Ripley, Ohio, Switzerland and Union, excluding Batesville.
  • All competing regions created a regional development plan to serve as the grant application/proposal.
    • SEI’s Plan included 57 projects totaling $50 million in READI request.
  • Gov. Holcomb and IEDC announced awards in December 2021.
    • SEI READI received $15 million award; 6th largest award per capita.


  • Q1 2022 was dedicated by SEI READI Board of Directors and Advisory Board members to READI program and American Rescue Plan Act trainings with IEDC and Ernst & Young.
  • SEI READI has formed as a new privately managed organization to serve as the region’s grant coordinator.
    • Statute requires READI coordinating entities to be either a Regional Development Authority or a privately managed 501c3.
  • SEI READI, Inc. executed grant agreement with IEDC.
  • SEI READI hired Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission as the regional grant administrator.
  • SEI READI hired Kellerman Law Firm as legal counsel.
  • Board has been meeting approximately once per month since February. Focus on projects creating opportunity for residential and/or industrial development, primarily through infrastructure or quality of place projects.